The Greatest Gift has Been My Cohort of Fellows...

The Greatest Gift has Been My Cohort of Fellows...

The 2023 EI Fellows graduated in January at the 2024 Equity Initiative Annual Forum and officially also became ‘Atlantic Fellows’. As part of their journey in the Equity Initiative lifelong fellowship, they will travel to Oxford University in July, to convene with Fellows from a total of 7 Atlantic Fellows programs from across the world. As our latest EI Atlantic Fellows looks to connect and collaborate with other equity champions from across the globe, we took a moment to ask K. Adisorn Juntrasook, a 2023 EI Fellow, and Dean of the Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, Thammasat University, to reflect on his experience with the Equity Initiative fellowship program so far. We asked him, “What impact the EI program has had on him?” He wrote back with:

"The Equity Initiative Fellowship has been a transformative journey, both shedding light on the path toward health equity and strengthening my commitment to walking it. During the induction year, learning directly from experts who have dedicated their lives to this mission was invaluable. Hearing their first-hand accounts of obstacles faced, victories achieved, and the struggles that persist reminded me that collective, sustained action across all levels is necessary to create global change.

However, the greatest gift has been my cohort
 of Fellows. This extraordinary group of individuals from Southeast Asia and China, each driving positive impact in their own communities, has become a constant source of inspiration. More than that, they have become dear friends. As we traveled together, the bonding experiences, deep conversations, laughs and tears shared helped us become truly close friends despite coming from different places. Their perspectives have helped me better understand the complexities we must navigate to build a more equitable society, while their support has uplifted me in my personal and professional pursuits.

The induction year also provided transformative leadership training from those advancing equity at the highest levels. Learning authentic leadership through their real-world examples and guidance was a powerful experience that has already enhanced how I approach my work. The lessons went beyond just words and taught us practical skills for actually making a difference.

Now, as a Senior Fellow, I eagerly anticipate the next phases of growth and opportunity through collaboration with the Atlantic Institute. The potential for connection with an interdisciplinary global community, accessing resources to pilot equity-focused projects, and continued leadership development is tremendously exciting. This fellowship has been a major turning point in my life, and I'm confident the experiences ahead will make its powerful impact even greater.


-Adisorn Juntrasook
2023 EI Fellow, Thailand