Vu Hoang Duong



Vu Hoang Duong

Duong advocates for justice across diverse fields, bringing her skills towards improvements in newborn care, equitable health financing and democratic governance.

Currently the Viet Nam Program Manager at Alive & Thrive East Asia Pacific, she counts on a decade of experience in policy advocacy, project management, public and private partnership development.

Some of her notable achievements includes co-chairing the Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance in Viet Nam, building the network of Human Milk Banks, Centers of Excellence of Breastfeeding benefiting one in five babies born in Viet Nam, and advocating for breastfeeding – friendly workplace, social protection and health policies.

Furthermore, Duong led efforts to engage AI start-ups in developing applications to protect children from harmful digital food marketing, which expanded from Viet Nam to nine countries in the East Asia Pacific.

Duong hopes to continue tackling inequality by drawing on the EI fellowship’s network, especially in relation to the success of social enterprises in different countries.