Zarni Lynn Kyaw


Myanmar (Burma)

Zarni Lynn Kyaw

Zarni is a medical doctor and health systems expert with over 15 years of experience, dedicated to achieving health equity and UHC for all people in Myanmar, especially vulnerable populations in remote, conflict-affected areas.

Currently a Senior Health Financing Consultant at Community Partners International, Zarni provides strategic advice on health financing, improving access and quality of healthcare for ethnic minority communities in southeast Myanmar. In his work, he combines medical expertise with health economics, management, and data science for impactful solutions.

Zarni believes in driving evidence-based policy recommendations – for example, during the development of the Myanmar National Health Plan (2017 – 2021), he worked alongside a diverse team of experts from various disciplines and his team were able to create a comprehensive and evidence-based plan.

At the grassroot level, he mentors the next generation of health leaders from ethnic minority backgrounds, building local capacity. As an EI Fellow, Zarni is looking to build intersectoral partnerships that align goals across health, education, livelihoods and governance to holistically address the social determinants of health.

Through his research, advocacy and capacity building efforts, Zarni’s dream for Myanmar is an inclusive health system built on meaningful participation, shared power, and mutual understanding between ethnic groups.