Yusridar Mustafa



Yusridar Mustafa

Yusridar or Angie as she is known, is a passionate advocate of women’s rights dedicated to supporting vulnerable communities and eliminating discrimination in Eastern Indonesia and beyond.

Angie currently supports 14 country teams as a MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning) Coordinator with Arbeiter-Samariter Bund for their Global WASH program.

In this position, she ensures effective project implementation and capacity strengthening in the areas of disaster & climate change risk reduction, as well as gender inclusion.

Angie’s work is driven by a passion for decolonizing feminism, beginning from within. Her experiences facing social stigmatization and restrictions as a young woman led her towards feminism, while her efforts in the local community focusing on women, girls, people with disabilities and the LGBTQI+ community sparked Angie’s focus towards a community-first approach in her work to empower women.

This includes founding Tulisan Puan, a digital platform for feminist leadership and supporting the establishment of an award-winning social enterprise, Perfect Fit, which continues to highlight menstrual health in a rural part of Indonesia.

As she continues to grow and pursue her mission, Angie is keen to learn and explore ways of ensuring the long-term sustainability of projects beyond relying on external support by truly empowering local communities.