Vu Hai Truong



Vu Hai Truong

Truong is on a mission to promote equity and justice by bridging educational disparity amongst the underserved. He currently works with 700 young leaders across Southeast Asia and Timor Leste in the YSEALI Mekong project at the Education Development Centre, equipping them with essential future-proof skills, leadership capabilities and environmental knowledge to drive change in their communities.

Truong is passionate about education, mental health and sustainable development. This has led him to conceptualise and grow “Talk Sâu”, a podcast that invites scholars from Viet Nam and beyond to dive deeper into these topics, encouraging listeners to pursue greater meaning in their lives.

As the podcast’s host, Truong grew an audience from zero through persistence & passion, believing from his own childhood experiences that storytelling can illuminate even the darkest paths. An engineer by training, Truong plans to be actively involved in research on childhood education and learning science, particularly for children in cultures akin to Vietnam.

Through his involvement in the EI fellowship, Truong hopes to explore social entrepreneurship and build partnerships towards his personal dream of systemic change. He envisions his dream society as one where both parents and children are genuinely happy in a nurturing and thriving environment.