Song Gao



Song Gao

Song is a dedicated advocate for civil society development and diversity, equity and inclusion at workplaces across China. His current roles include consultancy for the International Labour Organization, combating discrimination against individuals with disabilities and members of the LGBTIQ+ community in the workplace.

Growing up, Song developed a profound empathy for the pain of exclusion as his family faced discrimination from the community.

He later volunteered in Denmark and Guinea-Bissau for 18 months – a transformative experience where he witnessed effective development work in action tackling extreme hunger and inequality.

As a member of three prominent NGO boards in Wuhan focusing on gender equality, mental health, and environmental protection, Song finds fulfilment in facilitating development and providing guidance during times of uncertainty.

In his multiple advisory roles, he actively contributes to establishing a robust network comprising UN agencies, NGOs, media, community, and business leaders with ambitious goals spearheading positive change in China. Song aspires to discover comprehensive cross-issue, cross-sector, and cross-country solutions for the present social and environmental challenges through the EI community.

He firmly believes that, at our core, we all share more similarities than differences.