Rui Wang



Rui Wang

Rui brings a decade of experience in the philanthropic and international development sectors, focusing on empowering grassroots and community organizations in China.

As the Chief China Representative for GlobalGiving, Rui’s effort is to ensure that organizations, including those focused on mental health, disability, and AIDS prevention, gain access to vital resources and funding and empower them to make a substantial impact at the community level.

Rui's expertise also extends to strategic planning and advisory roles for international organizations like Handicap International and the Gates Foundation, where she contributed to disability evaluation and tobacco control strategies.

Her efforts have not only facilitated engagement with major institutional donors but have also broadened her network and deepened her understanding of China's nonprofit sector.

Rui is also a certified Disability Equality Training (DET) facilitator, demonstrating her commitment to promoting disability equality across corporations, schools, and government bodies in China.

Rui’s nonprofit journey started at the ChiHeng Foundation, where she led initiatives in China to fundraise and implement support programs for HIV-positive individuals and AIDS-affected children, showcasing her ability to merge ground-level work with strategic oversight to drive meaningful progress.

With an eye toward broadening her influence beyond China, Rui seeks to leverage her knowledge and experience to foster inclusive and sustainable change in Asia.