Rakhmat Hidayat



Rakhmat Hidayat

Rakhmat is a researcher, lecturer, and firm advocate for indigenous justice, especially for the Sunda Wiwitan community in West Java. While his work as an Associate Professor at Department of Sociology, State University of Jakarta has brought him to study indigenous and minority groups from Korea, Wisconsin, and Taiwan, Rakhmat strives to integrate the lessons learnt and support social justice in his own community.

Over the past 20-years, Rakhmat's research has extensively covered indigenous issues, minority studies, social movements, and ethnicity. His passion for advocating indigenous rights transformed him into a community activist.

He has been working with a local network in West Java to amplify the voices of the indigenous community. This network plays an important role in bringing indigenous issues to the forefront in political and socio-cultural spheres, both locally and nationally.

Rakhmat's efforts extend beyond research; he actively volunteers to empower indigenous communities, organizing youth interfaith training and meetings for local leaders to bolster human rights protection. Rakhmat is excited to deepen his understanding on the intersections of health equity, social justice, and human rights.

He hopes to connect to other like-minded activists in the EI fellowship to achieve his dream of equal rights and opportunities for all indigenous communities.