Phairin Sohsai



Phairin Sohsai

Phairin is an advocate for social and environmental justice, with a focus on the riverine community in Thailand and the Mekong Region.

In her current role as Campaign Coordinator at International Rivers, Phairin plays a key role in building and strengthening community & civil society networks, identifying opportunities and mechanisms for their voices to be heard by governments, financiers, developers, and the broader public.

Phairin's grassroots approach, honed through her early engagements with people's networks affected by projects like the Rasi Salai dam and Assembly of the Poor, is a testament to her belief in community-led development. In 2017, she worked closely with local environment groups and media companies to highlight the environmental impact of the proposed Mekong Blasting Rapid project to the community - successfully mobilising strong objection to cancel the initiative.

She has also led the regular distribution of a Thai publication on Mekong hydropower development which has served as a valuable fieldwork resource for government agencies, community networks and academics.

Through her work, Phairin believes that successful advocacy requires engaging everyone inclusively in policymaking.

Phairin hopes to build networks and develop skills through her participation in the EI fellowship that will support her push for accountability and transparency towards environmental and social justice.