Nitipat Pholchai



Nitipat Pholchai

Nitipat, an accomplished dance artist, physicist, and educator, has dedicated over a decade to blending his passion for dance with a strong commitment to social activism.

Through his innovative approach, Nitipat combines the therapeutic elements of dance with healing and activism, creating a unique space where art and life converge for communal growth and personal transformation.

He has been a pillar in leading artist communities and actively engaging in choreographing works and directing community-based artistic projects. A significant part of his work involves the "Spine Party Movement" in Bangkok, which he founded.

This group, along with its educational offshoot “Contact Improvisation in BKK,” focuses on spreading somatic movement practices to a wider audience. Since 2015, Nitipat has fostered a deep connection with Asia-based dance artists, collaboratively building a network fueled by shared values and artistic vision.

One of his most notable projects, “Blind Rituals,” was a collaboration with Thai blind dancer Toffee from 2017 to 2022. This groundbreaking work not only showcased his innovative approach to dance but also highlighted his commitment to inclusive art forms and spiritual accessibility in society.

Natipat hopes to connect communities and resources together across national borders through his participation as an EI fellow, especially by nourishing local artist communities through reaching a wider audience.