Moh Moh Lwin


Myanmar (Burma)

Moh Moh Lwin

Moh Moh is on a mission to tackle health inequality through integrating complimentary efforts from public and private sector providers. Currently the National Director at Sun Community Health, Moh Moh oversees almost 300 employees and a sizable network of around 6,000 healthcare providers across Myanmar including general practitioners, formal & informal pharmacies, and community volunteers.

Through over 19 years of experience in public health, Moh Moh has always believed that close collaboration with private sector healthcare providers can address health equity issues.

In 2015, she led the establishment of one of the organisation’s largest field offices in Yangon, overseeing the health service provision through various channels, including community and private sector networks.

Her experience roping in private clinics to provide TB and HIV services to key populations underlined the importance of trust from both providers & clients, and a commitment to offer dignified services without discrimination.

Since the 2021 military coup, Moh Moh has been at the forefront, directing projects in hard-to-reach areas, focusing on displaced persons, internal migrants, the impoverished, and camp residents. Moh Moh champions a collective effort to tackle inequality and wants to forge connections with advocates from the EI fellowship, strengthening a unified regional voice for impactful solutions.