Ken Chua Tsai



Ken Chua Tsai

Ken is an innovative collaborator committed to levelling the playing field for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). As the founder and director of (these)abilities, Ken works with organizations to build inclusive city infrastructures & societies through products, services, environments, campaigns, and policies that do not just benefit PWDs but serve as a delightful lived experience for all.

Ken facilitates impactful collaborations in his work, especially towards supporting the PWDs community – a group historically overlooked by society.

At 17, Ken served at a Cerebral Palsy school where he learnt to see the community through a lens of curiosity rather than sympathy. His advocacy includes successfully bringing stakeholders together to adopt live sign language interpretation in key national broadcasts and implementing an Inclusion Transformation Roadmap with shopping malls.

Ken loves telling stories of PWDs across cities and cultures and hopes to translate that to film one day. Through the EI fellowship, Ken hopes to explore how Asia-centric experiences can replace standard western approaches towards health policy and practice in the region.

His dream is to see more PWDs at decision-making tables that shape the world - where a disability is truly a chance to adapt and thrive in different ways.