Helena Marie Alvior



Helena Marie Alvior

Helena or Lena is a public health consultant passionate about improving systems that give people access to quality health care and good use of health resources.

Currently, Lena provides independent consulting services to strengthen local health systems towards the implementation of the Universal Health Care law in the Philippines, especially in the Western Visayas region she calls home.

Lena finds the most value in guiding government strategy and implementation to ensure that those who need it most will benefit. In her present role, she supports local governments in the areas of policy review, facilitation of dialogue among health and financing staff, and use of data analytics for decision-making.

During her medical training, she experienced first-hand the burden health spending has on a family when her father was diagnosed with colon cancer - reinforcing her belief that weak systems put the vulnerable and sick in danger of being caught in a poverty cycle.

Lena is looking forward to connecting with other EI fellows building fair and just systems that promote health and wellbeing. She hopes to continue collaborating with local governments and government health organizations towards a more equitable health system and future for her young children to inherit.