Emmanuel Ramos de O. S. Martins



Emmanuel Ramos de O. S. Martins

Emmanuel is working to strengthen the pharmaceutical sector in Timor-Leste, while ensuring equitable access to health services for all. As the Evidence to Action Manager at Marie Stope Timor-Leste, Emmanuel oversees monitoring & evaluation efforts in initiatives around gender equality, disability, and social inclusion. Elected as the President for Pharmacist Association in Timor-Leste, Emmanuel led initiatives such as the development of Logistics Management Information Tools and training to strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain system within the country, as well as the revision of both pharmacy and medicine law.

He also leads the development of education on Sexual Reproductive Health and Family Planning for adolescents, parents and first-time mothers through activities including youth & parent corners, community mobilisation and focus group discussions.

Observing challenges such as limited access to essential medicines, unregulated pricing, and weak procurement systems, Emmanuel recognized the need for robust drug regulatory and policy systems. His insights into these systemic issues have driven him to pursue the EI fellowship to enhance his leadership and health equity competencies.

Emmanuel aims to leverage his skills and knowledge from the EI Fellowship to further develop Timor-Leste's pharmaceutical sector, focusing on improving access to essential medicines and ensuring equitable health service provision in both urban and rural areas.