Danyang Luo



Danyang Luo

Danyang is a research advocate and consultant, engaged in representing and empowering the LGBT community in China.

He is currently working as a coordinator and consultant in several research projects concerning LGBT people’s sexual health in China, co-authoring publications and leading research design bringing together all sectors of the society.

Moving to Guangzhou after college as a gay man, Danyang finally found a welcoming LGBT community and was inspired to advocate for inclusive public services.

He had spent eight years working in a Guangzhou based grassroot organization: Zhitong, contributed in building the gay-friendly clinic service model and advocate for LGBT friendly sex education.

Through his time as an Obama scholar at the University of Chicago, Danyang realised that while service provision and education are important, large-scale impact can come only from evidence-backed policy change.

He is determined to learn from the Equity Community with a dream of making public resources more accessible and friendlier for LGBT people in China.