Berti Soli Dima Malingara



Berti Soli Dima Malingara

Berti, a passionate advocate for disability rights, serves as the vice director and program manager at GARAMIN (Disability Transformation and Advocacy Movement for Inclusion) in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Berti first found her passion to serve PWDs when she worked in a village where children with disabilities, often neglected by their parents, lived in poverty.

She observed that many were deprived of basic health services and education due to prevalent traditional beliefs labeling them as cursed. Determined to change this narrative, Berti initiated a project to educate village officials and health post volunteers about the fundamental rights of children with disabilities.

She has since pursued initiatives that uphold education, health, and justice for PWDs – rights that ensure they are not left behind by the community. At GARAMIN, she spearheads the collection of data on organizations supporting PWDs, an initiative aimed at influencing the NTT Provincial Government, and strengthens networks of health workers, local government & PWDs.

Through the EI, Berti hopes to collaborate with physical & mental health professionals, policy experts and advocates for disability justice. Her dream is a village where PWDs receive quality healthcare allowing full participation in the community, especially through greater accessibility and input in government and health policies.