Andre Pereira Belo



Andre Pereira Belo

Andre is a medical doctor dedicated to serving and building relationships with patients who need it most. As the founder and volunteer doctor at Saude Ba Ema Hotu (translated as Healthcare For All) or SABEH, Andre’s organisation delivers free holistic medical care in 100 remote areas across Timor Leste.

As the first health volunteer organisation to provide family & community palliative care in the country, Andre established SABEH in 2017 to serve almost three-quarters of the population who live in remote areas.

Fulfilling a need for basic necessities including healthcare, education, clean water and infrastructure for this underserved community, SABEH today consists of 256 health professional volunteers who regularly provide medical care to communities in remote areas or where there are no doctors.

Andre believes that the role of a doctor goes beyond treating disease, including collaborating with government and other health agencies to provide the best possible treatment.

Having dedicated his life to the cause, Andre looks forward to learning from the experiences of other fellows to further improve his ability to create impact. He believes that universal health coverage is a right that he hopes to uphold, ensuring that no one is left behind.